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Young people with intellectual disabilities enjoy normal biological development and have the same sexual needs and desires as do all young people.

Yet parents and professionals may be unprepared and uncomfortable discussing sexuality with these youths. Consequently, they often receive little or no guidance on healthy sexuality and appropriate sexual expression. Adding to the problem is the lack of opportunity to learn alongside typical peers about the "rules of engagement" and how to maintain and respect personal boundaries.  They are often grouped socially with much younger children who then become a highly inappropriate peer group for them.  

We live in a highly  sexualized society yet parents and professionals may mistakenly believe that youths with       intellectual disabilities don't notice. Experts tells us otherwise, however. People with intellectual disabilities are  sexual beings, as are we all. They notice relationships, provocative dress and media messages all around them and they want their own experiences and relationships.

When young people make sexual mistakes, there can be long-term repercussions for them, the victims, families, and the community. Mistakes are often preventable through education and early intervention but there are very few resources available. Parents don't know where to turn for help, especially if they observe a problem or have a concern and they worry their child will be judged or misunderstood or gain yet another label. Resources generally focus on supporting victims and managing offenders but there are very few programs to educate or intervene early and prevent young people with intellectual disabilities from making sexual mistakes or becoming victims themselves.

We hear from individuals with intellectual disabilities and their family members about the painful consequences that can stem from sexual mistakes and offenses.       



Dr. Gerry D. Blasingame shares
insights on how to help young people
with intellectual disabilities avoid sexual  mistakes and pursue
fulfilling lives.

The program profiles several families and features experts on the topic, including Dr. Gerry D. Blasingame, who is a highly recognized expert on the subject and has written several books on sexuality and developmental disabilities.

Running time: 39 minutes
Produced & Directed by Sixth Street Productions In conjunction with
The Social Work Department at Metropolitan State University of Denver

Producer/Director -- Sharon M. Thomson, Sixth Street Productions
Executive Producer -- Dr. Virginia Cruz, Director, MSW Program, MSU Denver


Ideal for in-service training, workshops
and seminars on topics of disability
A must see for...

  • Policy makers in the areas of public health, health, mental health, early intervention, education, developmental disabilities, and child welfare.

  • Child welfare caseworkers, supervisors, administrators and case aides

  • Social workers,  social work students, and other practitioners.

  • Medical professionals and medical students, including doctors, nurses, psychologists, speech pathologists, audiologists and therapists

  • Teachers who have students with disabilities in the classroom

  • Home health care workers and administrators

  • Parent advocates and support groups

  • Parents with developmental disabilities raising a child.

  • Administrators of federal and state funding programs, including SSI and Medicaid

  • Personnel involved in handicapped accessibility programs

  • Medical libraries, health libraries, college and university libraries

  • Anyone interested in social and cultural issues related to disabilities

The cost of the video is $175.00 which includes shipping and handling
To Order contact Sharon Thomson
Sixth Street Productions
(720) 540-6086

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