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When Parents Can't Fix It

"This is probably one of the most compelling videos I have seen in the area of human service delivery. Both professionals and parents will find 'When Parents Can't Fix It' to be an incisive demonstration of the stages parents go through in adapting to the enormous challenges presented by having a son or daughter with disabilities.
"Interdisciplinary teams in schools or related services, in particular, will find this to be probably their most valuable lesson not only in understanding what parents experience but also why parents must be the primary member of their team. It is at once painful and uplifting to watch. You will never see parents the same way again after viewing it.
"This video is probably the best teaching tool I can think of to present the 'essence' of parenting a son or daughter with disabilities and the accompanying challenges of negotiating the complex system of health, education and related services."
Steven R. Forness, Ed.D.
Professor and School Principal
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Hospital
and former director of Mental
Retardation and Developmental
Disabilities Program (UAP)

"...powerful and can be an important tool to increase the public understanding necessary to promote more enlightened public policies. These courageous families deserve the admiration of our society and the availability of affordable supportive services to help them care for and nurture their children in their own homes. Institutional care for most of these children would be costly and less humane."
Ed LaPedis
U.S. Department of
Health and Human Services

" When Parents Can't Fix It" is a powerful teaching tool for BSW educators and also for Child Welfare Workers. I have had high praise from students and child welfare supervisors on the professional value of this video to them. It brings out good discussion and challenges viewers to see the situations families face when they parent children with disabilities. I look forward to the next production!"
Sara N. Brown, Ph.D. LSW
Northeastern State University
Tahlequah, OK

"This video is a slice of life that gives you a real idea of what it is like for a parent to raise a child with a disability. I highly recommend it."
Carol Meridith
Arapahoe Early Childhood Network
(Part H)
Interagency Network Coordinator

"As parents of an autistic child, we saw many familiar dilemmas and experienced many similar feelings and frustrations as we watched 'When Parents Can't Fix It'. Living with a child with disabilities is a daily challenge, but it is as often rewarding as it is painful. And, as this sensitive film shows, it is ultimately just real life. We make our adjustments. We do what we have to do."
Mark and Jackie Linnel

"Although at times disturbing, I found 'When Parents Can't Fix It' to be uplifting in the end. It is a frank portrayal of day-to-day life with children suffering a variety of disabling problems but it is not about the children so much as it is about their families. As obviously hard as it can be for these families -- emotionally, physically and financially -- it is a testament to the human spirit how they all manage to pick up their burden and carry on."
Phil Soreide
Advertising Executive

"A powerful film. If you think you've got it rough, check this out. It pretty well boils it down to what life is all about."
Davonne Johnson
Filmmaker and Director,
International Fall Film
Festival (Denver)

("When Parents Can't Fix It" was awarded 
second place in the documentary division)

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