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Close Up of BlayreBlayre's Story

Blayre is a six-year-old African American girl who has been diagnosed with mental retardation and is partially deaf and blind with motor skill difficulties. Through the support of an extended family, a variety of therapists and the dogged determination of her single mom, Blayre is learning to feed herself and to use sign language. "It's a slow process," her mother says, "but it's progress all the same." Blayre's story explores how a unique blend of family tradition, cultural roots, spiritual beliefs and life philosophies play an important role in coping with stress and finding value in what each child has to offer. Blayre's story addresses:

Blayre Being Fed

  • The difficult process of accepting a child's disability
  • Importance of support from siblings and extended family
  • Necessity for parents/therapists to work together as a team
  • Need for professionals to evaluate each child with an open mind
  • Avoiding labels and blanket assumptions
  • Dealing with subtle racism in formal support systems
  • Parental need to dream for the child who has a disability

Blayre and her little friends

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