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Close Up of EliEli's Story

Eli was diagnosed with autism at an early age. By nature a sweet and loving child, he can in the words of his mother suddenly become "this monster I don't even recognize." Complicating Eli's life is a series of physical and health issues which have elude d diagnosis. Eli also has super-sensitive hearing and a sleep disorder which takes its toll on his parents and caregivers. Eli's parents have developed remarkable coping and management skills which they share in this segment, even as they recognize that t heir lives have narrowed to "revolve around" the medical problems and behavioral issues of their only child. Eli's story addresses issues of:
  • The stresses and strains of living with behavioral and medical problems
  • Medical confusion when other factors such as autism are at playEli and his Father
  • The lack of adequate respite care
  • Facing the judgment of outsiders
  • Potential for abuse in high maintenance children
  • The high cost of raising a child with a developmental disability
  • Need for parents to take and maintain control of their child's welfare
    Eli and his Mother



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