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Close Up of Red Fawn SmilingRed Fawn's Story

When Red Fawn was adopted at the age of three months, she was suffering from the lack of emotional and physical nourishment and exhibited signs of Fetal Alcohol Effects. The pediatrician that examined her told her adoptive mother to be prepared for emotional and behavioral problems. It wasn't until Red Fawn reached her teenage years, however, that the doctor's words truly began to manifest themselves. A bright and charming young woman, Red Fawn's proclivity for sudden, violent outbursts have landed her in court on more than 20 different occasions. She has also been dismissed from every school and treatment facility that she has attended. Red Fawn's adoptive family has pursued both traditional western avenues and Native American healing practices in an effort to try to help Red Fawn manage her behavioral problems. Her mother worries that if a solution isn't found before Red Fawn turns 18, she will end up in prison. Red Fawn's family is determined to avoid the use of alcohol in their own family and is now teaching the importance of abstinence to a fourth generation of children. 
Red Fawn with her Grandmother and a baby on her lap

Red Fawn's Story addresses issues of:
  • Cultural influences on families raising children with disabilities
  • Lack of effective treatment resources for children with Fetal Alcohol Effects
  • Legal ramifications for children with behavioral disorders
  • Complicating factors for youths with disabilities in the inner city
  • Attempts at parental control escalating violence
  • Confusion when family culture is at odds with mainstream culture
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